Finally, an iPhone Game for Grown Ups -- "Ace Attorney Meets Drink Mixing!"

Sexy. Life useful. And incredibly playable - introducing a story-driven, drink mixing video game.

  • Fast-paced, unrelenting game play
  • Four acts spanning three hours
  • Learn and make over 70 cocktails
  • 15 sexy, stylized, quirky characters
  • Co-wrote by top cocktail journalist
  • Auto saving for pick-up & play
  • Multiple endings
  • A dark, neo-noir storyline
  • Starring voice legend Kyle Hebert
  • Final Fantasy-esque music
  • Branching dialogue options
  • Vibrant and unique art direction
  • Shake the iPhone to shake drinks
  • Earn a printable certificate

"Finally, Video Games Have Purpose" - awards Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training a near-perfect 4.5/5 score in their glowing review. Read the details here!


Fan Mail:

"Hey I'm a bartender at one of the most prestigious bars in Sydney Australia and I just wanted to say that your game is one of the best I have played in a long time! It has helped me learn a whole new repitoire of the classics and I recommend it to all of my bartender friends!" - Luke Swithenbank

"I wanted to let you know that I truly love this game. I've finished story mode and now I'm sharpening my skills with survival. It's really a great concept and I love that I'm learning something." - Samir

Android Version Mailing List

For notice on when we release the Android version of the game (coming soon), please fill out this email subscription form:

Help & Support

NOTE: If you're running Nimble Strong on an older device and it crashes, it's probably because your device hasn't been restarted in a long time and its memory needs to be unclogged a little bit. Give it a restart and Nimble Strong will run fine :). We've put hundreds of hours of playtesting on 2nd gen devices so it should never crash.

Visit our official message board for tips and to report bugs. Contact us for *any* questions or comments you might have.

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Designed For:
iPhone 3GS or 4G
iTouch 32GB or 64GB
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For a speed play of the game's first act, click here

Download the Soundtrack Free

Created by Michael Huang, award-winning video game music composer.


Retrieve Bartender's Certificate

After completing Nimble Strong you'll receive a code to download a personalized bartender's certificate!